Design Masterclass


Design Masterclass

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The Design Masterclass is a four-day apprenticeship in app design, with online introductions the week before and a class reunion the following month. Students work on their own app—their "master piece"—in the company of their peers. The apps are reviewed and critiqued twice a day by your peers, and by design master Albert Harum-Alvarez. Admission is by interview only.

SITES: Auckland, Boston, Cambridge, Celaya MX, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Paris, Reston VA, Sag Harbor NY, Toronto, Vancouver BC

2015-16: Melbourne Australia, Tulum Mexico, Miami & The Hamptons, Long Island, NY

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The Design Master Class is four days together at an inspiring place, kicked off by an online session the week before and followed by a class reunion one month later. 

The Design Master Class hurt like a deep tissue massage—but I still came back for more! Thanks, Albert.
—Rob Russell, Auckland NZ