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Tulúm México UnConference

Events: 8-11 April, 2019

Pause[x] events are usually planned by those who attend.
Of course you’d like to know what will happen at the UnConference before you sign up. But you should know that Pause events often sell out, long before the schedule has been completed.

Tour of Chichen Itza,
Lunch in the town of Valladolid &
Cenote Swim

Comfortable Coach Busliners are scheduled to leave at 5 am, in order to arrive at the Pyramid by sunrise. Purchase your ticket for this event separately.

Welcome Reception on the Beach, Dreams Tulúm

Sunrise Yoga/Meditation/Prayer on the Beach

UnConference Sessions. Details to be planned via Slack & Crowdcast, by Pause[x] Attendees.

All Attendees are expected to present for 5 minutes in at least one session. Real work is preferred over sample files or slides. Each session will be hosted by a team who will spark discussion through engaging introductions of 10 to 20 minutes.

Topics are still in flux and attendees will be discussing ideas in the event’s Slack channel. We will continue to host biweekly Crowdcasts to develop topics in more detail. Until then, likely topics include:

    FileMaker and JavaScript
    Web Performance
    Modern Security Practices
    Cross-Border Teams
    Design Rules & Growing Apps
    FileMaker & Mobile Platforms
    Training Up New Developers
    Project Management

Send-Off to Other Planned Events & Adventures

Some attendees will stay in Tulum for Masterclasses or Company Meetings. Others will explore La Riviera Maya, head toward the reefs and rainforests of Belize, or just lounge at the beach.

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