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Tulúm México UnConference

Go Deep. or…

Learn some web service by watching YouTube in your pajamas. Or…
Pause[x]Dive into a Cenote. Climb a pyramid. Then code.

Want better apps? Forget sleep. Just keep coding for a few more hours. Or…
Pause[x]Dare to put your work up for all to see, to critique, to transform. Be vulnerable. Expect a lot.

Like lectures? Stay home & listen to some podcasts. Or…
Pause[x]DigDeep: engage with wonderful people from faraway places. Disagree, then try to agree. When you fail to agree, remain friends.

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What is our theme at Pause[x]include?

The FileMaker Platform is a workplace innovation platform that welcomes and includes code & tech from anywhere. Pause[x]include is an Unconference for people who are blazing trails in this new inclusive world, defined by FileMaker and X, where X = javascript, web services, big data, IOT & just about anything else you can imagine.

Bring your cross-device multilingual apps & tech to Tulum, an ancient center of trade, commerce & culture, and join Unconference sessions that welcome you to share in your own language: English, Spanish, Japanese, JSON, NoSQL, Python, etc. Simultaneous translation is available from multilingual translators via multiple chat channels.

I’m not sure I know enough. Am I still welcome?

There are some conferences where you can feel a little out-of-place with all the technical lingo. But tech alone won’t build an app. App dev teams need good written specs, project management, visual design, testing and other skills that are not specifically technical.

Pause[x]include is for people who know the power of teams, where everyone plays their part. So whether you’re an aspiring novice coder, someone new to coding, or an experienced hand looking to grow and share what you know, you’re welcome here. If you like, we’ll find you a Pause Buddy who’s been to Pause before, knows the ropes, and can bring you along quickly.

Pause[x]include session hosts are chosen first for their social intelligence and communication skills. Hosts work the room, and find out what everyone has to offer. And be forewarned: session hosts will expect you to contribute as well, sharing your work, or at the very least sharing your questions and future plans.

Is this a photo of a real Cenote? Must we swim in one?

Yes, this a real photo of the kind of Cenotes that are all around Tulúm. They are truly breathtaking. Yes, we plan to swim in Cenotes, and no, you don’t have to swim in one.


The tradition of Pause[x] events is to foster strange and new experiences designed to be unfamiliar. We pledge to protect one another from actual physical threat. But all of us, even the absolute coding geniuses who always come to Pause[x], might have their most comfortable, most cherished habits of mind questioned & challenged—always with the respect & honor each of us deserve!

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for this, if you’re not sure if you’re ready to go this deep—well, we feel you. Being vulnerable is hard. But if you’re ready to dive deep, to dare to talk and really listen, then this is the place for you.

Come on in. The water’s warm! Welcome to Pause[x]include.