If I did manual labor, I sure wouldn't be able to afford my place in Brooklyn. Don't craftsmen work with their hands? 

Look, Ironwork is tough manual labor. But working thatch is an art, and thatch ain't heavy. Antonio Stradivari wasn't exactly buff, but he was a craftsman of a type called a "luthier." 

It ain't the meat, it's the motion

Describe the apprenticeship system that trained Strad, and Don Michelson! Produce the definition of "craftsman" indirectly, through their stories. 

Then briefly tell the story of Leo Fender, creator of the Stratocaster. First "quiz": was Leo a craftsman?

Also: Are these craftsmen? Explain your answer. If they aren't craftsmen, what would change to make them so?

Connie learned to cook from her Italian mother. Her mother never really fully approved of her cooking. But her husband and kids did. Should she be considered a master of the craft of cooking?

Julisse was talking up a storm by the time she started school. Had she become a craftsman of spoken English?

Alfredo learned HVAC at a VoTec school. He makes great money now installing air conditioners in Phoenix. He's the number one installer at the company. There's no formal apprenticeship or journeyman status for HVAC in Arizona. Should he be considered a Master of HVAC?

Explain: quizzes through the book.

Explain: word wiggle. Craftsman, workman, tech, etc. Tell the story of the term "President," as selected by the U.S. Congress.