Phased Construction Site & Materials Management:
Cleveland Clinic, Arena, Ballpark & Stadium.

The Hardware Scheduler builds, bids, ships in phases and guides the installation of doors in large commercial projects.

The Hardware Scheduler builds, bids, ships in phases and guides the installation of doors in large commercial projects.

“We Play Big.”

— Alfonso Mandalfino, CEO, Cleveland Architectural Hardware

Al Mandalfino describes his company simply: “I sell doorknobs.”

Cleveland Architectural Hardware does supply the doorknobs, along with every other piece of door hardware, including the door itself, which they custom-build to order. Every door in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ basketball arena, the Cleveland Indians’ ballpark next door, the Browns’ football stadium on the lake, and every door in the sprawling Cleveland Clinic is supplied and managed by Al’s company.

Details, Details

Al explained, “It’s a lot to keep track of, for a small team like ours.” The custom-door supplier needed a custom app to manage the details.

The complexity of doors is daunting. Doors swing in or out, they’re either left- or right-handed, singly or in pairs, in custom heights, insulated for different fire ratings, with auto- and remote-openers, and all with coordinated keying, master keys, grand-masters, great-grand-masters, all the way to great-great-great-grand-masters. It all needs to be tracked.

“We need to manage orders to our vendors, manage stock, supply construction sites in phases with the door hardware grouped for installation, and after all that, we need to keep meticulous logs of what went where, so we can support replacement parts and re-keying for the life of the door. We knew early on that our small team would do better with a custom app.”

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Making Plans in the Plans Room

Al Mandalfino works with SmallCo staff on his custom app.

Building a Custom App

SmallCo built a suite of tools on the FileMaker Platform for managing the entire life of a project, from the take-off of door openings on the plans, through custom labelling of hardware packs for the door installer, to logging the disposition of every door in the structure.

“With our FileMaker custom app from SmallCo, we manage the same sales volume of companies twice our size, with higher quality results. It’s also easier for us to bid on big jobs, because our take-offs and job quoting goes so much faster.” Their custom app is a critical part of the success of Cleveland Architectural Hardware.

Contact: Gianna Harum-Alvarez, 877-66-small, ext. 39.


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