Customer Research for Public Utilities, Insurers and others
The United Kingdom & Spain.

“Opportunity Calling…”

Kyle Stalberg’s clients are companies in the U.K. looking for prospective customers: charities, life insurance companies, power utilities, hospitals and even the Sky cable network. The task: call many thousands of people each day, using a set of branching call scripts that help marketers learn about their publics.

100,000 Calls per Day

It’s no small feat. Fifty staff making thousands of calls a day, through VOIP and PBX, from international call centers. Managers need to know in real time how well each call agent is doing, and often need to tweak the scripts of agents, in the middle of a calling day, to better answer the question, “Who are the best prospects for our customers?”

Custom Workflow, Custom App

SmallCo’s European Office built a full-featured custom app on the FileMaker Platform, one that handles the entire research process, from constructing a calling script to reporting leads and results to marketers.

Kyle Stahlberg  with his SmallCo teammate  Milan Mujovic

Kyle Stahlberg with his SmallCo teammate Milan Mujovic


Clear View for Team Managers

“Our Floor Managers can see how each agent is doing, with metrics for call pacing and close ratios. At the same time, compliance monitors can assure the accuracy and regulatory conformance of each agent’s call log. It’s a big job, but we get it done. And when we want to adapt our workflow, we can do that too, no problem,” Kyle explained.

“With our FileMaker custom app from SmallCo, we’re able to quickly build a custom calling script and gather the business intelligence our customers need.”

Contact: Gianna Harum-Alvarez, 877-66-small, ext. 39.


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